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About and Contact

I'm a Brazilian making comics and illustrations.

  • Currently: working on Soft, a GL romcom webcomic, which has been highlighted on Tapas several times.

  • Concluded projects include: pencils for year 3 of Raven - The Pirate Princess (Action Lab)  spin-off of the Princeless series; Calamity Woman - a cowgirls art book; Sapphic Zines - Celebrate; Ulrika; A survey of Queer Looks - 1890-2018 (Margins); Dates 3: Adventure (Margins); Dates 2: Progress (Margins); Princeless: Girls Rock/Girls Leadership Anthology #3 (Action Lab).

  • Amazonomachy, webcomic started in 2014, on hiatus.

Represented by Erica Bauman at ACM |

Tapas | Patreon | Gumroad | Inprnt | Instagram | Tumblr | Bluesky

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