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Yes, I’m alive.

I’m growing frustrated at starting these newsletters listing all things I didn’t do. But I’m hoping to go back to posting Soft this July. In any case, after two months of hiatus, I decided to do a little something for Pride that you’ll be able to check on Tapas and Webtoon later today.

On other news, my Tumblr completed 10 years this month. What that says I don’t know, but it’s certainly been a long road. And I’m opening commissions to commemorate in a way (and also because I need the money of course).

To close my monthly notes, as it’s Pride and this newsletter goes out on the 28th no less, I want to say a little something. Especially because for me it was a hard month to stay cheerful, and when this happens to see others sharing joy can make a world of difference. May that be what they’re experiencing, reading, writing, listening or just a tiny kitten they have to show off or they’ll explode. I deeply believe that in a world like ours joy is incredibly powerful, even because it’s hard to build new and better things if you’re drained and discouraged. But sharing joy can build a web of hope for those who are so low they don’t know how to create it for themselves anymore. Of course I’m not talking about forcing yourself into a fake happiness 24/7, but just the joy we all need to live instead of surviving. Joy isn’t limited to June though, and I hope you can always find yours.


Due to some email snafus, this month’s interview will only be up next month.


Stuff I read

The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur

This was a super fun read and who doesn’t love a good fake relationship story?

Bitterthorn by Kat Dunn

The sort of atmospheric read strong enough to stay with you for days. I went into it believing it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling, which it is, but it also uses other fairy tales and a historic setting to create a fresh take. Be warned it’s 1st person narrative, and usually it’s easy with 1st person romance novels to miss the LI’s PoV, but in this case I thought it worked perfectly. Also be warned that it’s messed up, but it’s also clearly intentional in its messiness and after all, what’s a gothic retelling without a little toxicity to add charm? ;D

Cosmoknights, Vol. 2 by Hannah Templer

I’ve been following the webcomic since the beginning and now Book 2 is out. It only got better and if I keep going I’ll only make a list of all character names to say how much I love them.


It was Saint John’s here not long ago, and I thought of bringing Fun Fact back just to write about it, but I didn’t have the energy for that. Let it be known though, that I hope to include Saint John’s festivities in a comic someday.


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