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April 2024 and my new webcomic

Hello everyone!

This will be the shortest newsletter since the start. It's one of those months I feel I've done so much but don't have much to show for it yet. But it's so close! I'm happy to announce the prologue of my new webcomic will be out this week on Patreon!

And I'm already working on the first batch of the first chapter. So if you want to see things as soon as I finish them, besides more details about characters etc (like the fact that these are my first 40+ protagonists), again you should head to my Patreon.

Last month, I presented to you my new protagonists, Alix and Theo. Now, the story has a title, Numen. Numen is a Latin word meaning "divinity, divine power/will". The deep concept behind it is debated, but in a more modern interpretation can be understood as animistic magic. My meaning is a bit of all of that.

I'll have to be more present on social media to get the story out there, which is a pain, but if you're still there too you can help by sharing the news, so I can keep doing all this stuff more easily.

On minor news I've finally made Legends and Lattes fanart! Hope Thimble will appear again in a potential third book~


No interview this month, full focus on Numen for now~


Also didn't read much this month and my favourite book was Brazilian, so... (mas se você lê português recomendo tudo das Baldassari!)


Stuff I watched

23.5 (Netflix)

This show became my eagerly waited weekly reward and I'm glad it's lasting more than a weekend binge. 23.5 has reached episode 8 and keeps getting better, this is really the sweet sapphic series I've always asked for with some fun broken expectations. So I still recommend it 100%! (btw I was right about the teachers!)


See you next month!


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