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Back to work

What’s new?

I wrote a short short story during the break. Still not sure if it’ll see the light of day, but it was quite fun. And, more importantly, it helped me get unstuck and figure out some major stuff for a project I intend to properly tackle this year. *drum roll* Finishing my first webcomic, Amazonomachy, as a novel.

Don’t know if saying ‘finishing’ really applies here. It’s a story I’ve been working on for more than eight years now, so there’s plenty I want to change and improve. But the writing has been flowing and I’m feeling super excited (probably soon I’ll be frustrated and doubting everything again as it happens, but I’ll enjoy what I have for now).

I’m also back on Soft and hopefully I’ll finish the next batch before the programmed posts end.

To talk about completely new things though, I’ve been wanting to try something more interactive, of the ‘let’s build a character together’ type. So I started this thing on Patreon using polls and I think the first attempt is going well. So far we have a butch couple in the Old West, a lumberjane and a doctor, who have been together for 20 years. Next, patrons will vote on some design choices.

And for next month I’ll probably open commissions, it’s been half a year (though my commissions aren’t necessarily closed if I don’t post about it, if you reach out there’s a good chance I can find some time for you).

I think that’s it for work news.


Stuff I read

Not much this month. I finally dived into The Burning Kingdoms, waaay more intense than I expected, I’ll need lots of lighter reads now. But the romance… *sighs* The romance is so on point! So dramatic and quotable (I actually intended to add one here, but how to choose???)!


Stuff I watched

Willow ended and confirmed its place in my heart. It’s simply delightful and I’m sure if I had watched it as a kid I’d have become obsessed with Kit. Hopefully those 2 other seasons will be confirmed.

And there was Wednesday. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, Jenna Ortega is just amazing. (It’s maybe the only series I watched this past year that got a confirmed renewal? Not sure, but possible.)

I’ve also tried some webseries this month, which I haven’t done in a while.

She makes my heart flutter is a super sweet and super short korean project on YouTube. And apparently there are more projects in the channel with one character in common.

I’ve also been keeping up with Gap, which is based, I think, in a thai soft novel(?). It’s the sort of thing that has huge “manga” energy/tropes, but it’s what makes the whole thing fun if you embrace it. (I’m still waiting for Tee/Yuri to be given some screen time though.)

My favourite by far though was ‘Sleep with me’, a filipino mini series (I think the easiest way to watch is the GagaOOLala thing). This show is an awarded gem and more people should watch! The sex scene and the declaration scene… *chef’s kiss*

On a somewhat random note, Mighty Nein is coming to tv! YES! You can peruse my MN fanart here, though there are a few missing from the tag, search for #beauregard or #criticalrole I guess. This one got featured on CR’s 500th episode =’) I even told my therapist at the time lmao

Now I just need an update on Cait and Vi (this thought is fueled by Caitlyn and Vi’s Valentine’s skins and those cute recalls). When Arcane, when??? (though after Gentleman Jack maybe I should understand that two perfect seasons can’t exist. (Please, prove me wrong!))


Fun fact

Brazil is the only country with a tree name. Brazilwood (pau-brasil) was the first thing exploited by colonizers. There are a few stories behind its name, but the most accepted is that it comes from brasa (ember), because of its red core used for luxury dye and quality bows for musical instruments.


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