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(Let me start telling you I’m not looking forward to finding titles for this newsletter next year. It’ll have to be October 2024 I guess, or maybe Chaos 3.0, as I’ve already exhausted the “a long month” option. So 2024 better be a great year for me!)

Hello, everyone! As you can see I didn’t manage to leave Substack yet, but it’s in the works. I gave up trying to judge what was the less bad option, I had almost set up with Beehiiv when they offered their AI service to create “new images”… So, instead of jumping to another platform, I’ll be doing everything from my own site (which I probably should’ve done ages ago)(and it’d’ve been ready in time if this week I hadn’t erased a chunk of it trying to fix something…).

Soft also got delayed. Besides getting a site from the ground, I also hurt my wrist and am dealing with all sorts of life things (but I’m fine!). At the best of times it’s already difficult to finish a comic (again), what with doubting every little choice. But despite the slower process than usual pages are close to done.

BTW my babies are on the main page again~

Look at them!

So, to sum up this month: I worked a lot, didn’t finish anything.


For the above said reasons, I had to take a break from the interviews this month.


Stuff I read

Not Just Gal Pals by Elizabeth Luly

Characters with an emotional arc and a story satisfyingly wrapped. I love a good trope like anyone, but lately I’ve been frustrated with characters and plots that are just a list of tropes thrown together but poorly developed (and maybe that’s not obvious but the titles I add here aren’t all I read, I try to just add what I really like or grabs my attention for a particular reason). Anyway, I recommend it if you’re in the mood for a holiday romcom. Always bonus points for a gender non-conforming LI (with her own PoV even).

Taking the Plunge by Amanda Radley

You don’t see many sapphic stories involving a really deranged ex, maybe an overall shitty ex, a cheater etc. But this one involves an, at first toxic, then full on abusive ex, and how certain situations and mindsets can make it harder to get a clean break. Despite that, this isn’t a heavy book, for which I’m grateful. It was actually a smooth, quick read for me and the romance is sweet (if a little bit fast).


Stuff I watched (?)

Guess I just want to share with the world that horror really isn’t for me and I should definitely learn that’s how it is, no matter how light people claim the story to be. That info is brought to you by a chain of bad decisions on a weekend night that led me to struggle through 4 episodes of Bly Manor. I only managed to sleep when the sun broke.


Fun Fact

Halloween isn’t a thing in Brazil. We don’t even do any of the hispanic “Dia de los Muertos” stuff. Here November 2nd (All Soul’s Day) is a national holiday for people to visit their buried relatives bringing some flowers—if they have the habit—and that’s it. Though more and more people are into Halloween parties now, because well, they’re parties.


See you next month!


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