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Another long month

Really need to come up with non-depressing titles lol

Hello! The next batch of Soft is running behind again…I actually had plenty of plans for this month but I’ve pretty much spent my time on doctors, exams, the dentist and all the anxiety induced by them.

I’ve posted a good amount of fanart though, including the 2 pieces below. They’re now available on my Inprnt along with a few others I’ve added.

I’ve also been thinking about how much my perception of myself as a creator and the work I do (and want to do in the future) has changed in the last few years (also known as since 2020). It’s so easy to limit yourself, but I think I’ve started changing that. It’s been nice to try new things, guess I just need some more courage to start putting it out there.


No interview this month, sorry. =(


Stuff I read

This comic was a precious find! It’s the most slice of life possible and it’s so heartwarming. Nomoto and Kasuga are neighbours and eventually find out they compliment each other’s love of food, which leads to a friendship and a budding romance. Really looking forward to volume 3.

Touchwood by Karin Kallmaker

This book was published in 1990 by the now extinct Naiada Press. I read the 30th anniversary edition after hearing the author talk in a podcast about her motivations to write it. She worked with the elderly at the time and heard stories about all the things they survived in the 60s and 70s. And how departed it all was from her own experience. So Touchwood is an age gap romance about an out lesbian in her late 20s, just out of a break up with a cheater girlfriend, and a woman in her 50s, that hid a relationship with another woman for most of her life, including from her own son.

It was really interesting, even because I feel we’re living this shock of experiences in a much shorter time. And as someone who grew up in the 90s it’s always a bit jarring how easy it is for some things to fade from your memory, from old common mindsets, to practical things like the hardships of analog photography.

I think a review I saw made the book just much more real. The person said they couldn’t connect with the book because it was so outdated they couldn’t empathize with the characters.

Well, some food for thought to close Lesbian Visibility week.

(It also was the first audiobook I listened to the end without having read the book first. Still can’t help thinking how differently I’d experience the story if reading myself though, but it was nice.)


Stuff I watched

Uh… Station 19?


Fun Fact

A fun fact is how harder it is to think of these fun facts than I first thought XD Maybe I’ll need to rethink this section or maybe this was just a complicated month.


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