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June 2024 and Cara

Hello everyone! I'm back!

So, it was really frustrating for me not to send the newsletter last month, but I wasn't in a place to do it. Unfortunately my family and I went through a traumatic event in the beginning of May and I haven't done a lot since. But I feel I'm recovering well and it's time to resume the newsletter.

About what I'm doing and not doing. Numen is shelved for now, besides being hard to go back to work, I feel the story as it is now is more intense and conflict ridden than what I'm ready to deal with at the moment.

I've resumed Patreon though, if you feel like supporting me, it's a nice time. I've started this series of posts about comic making, starting with scripts, which was inspired by my time on Cara.

Cara has been great this past month I've been there. It has helped me to recover excitement for work and inspiration (I even got myself a sketchbook after I don't know how many years), and just overall been a healthy place to be online. I seriously haven't felt this atmosphere of online community, and the good vibes of sincere interest and helpfulness, in at least a decade. I encourage anyone who just loves visual arts to join in (although they intend to expand to other art forms too).


I hope to resume interviews next month.


Stuff I read

Putting together what I managed to read this past couple months.

A fun celebrity romance that got me back to reading. The non-celebrity being an ex(?)-tabloid writer was a fun choice.

London on My Mind by Clara Alves

This is a Brazilian novel translated to English this month, so full disclosure, I read it in Portuguese. I enjoyed it a lot but I'd put this more in the coming of age column than romance. And better warn that it deals with themes of grief and abandonment.

The Dos and Donuts of Love by Adiba Jaigirdar

Jaigirdar YA novels are always a nice light read. This one also read more like a coming of age of sorts than romance to me, although there's a whole love triangle in it. It's also the first novel about a reality food contest where I feel the contest is properly shown.

Don't Be a Drag by Skye Quinlan

It's the first time I'm adding a book I haven't finished, but I'm very close and this is by far my favourite for the past couple months. So, this novel also is more about the main character's personal journey with mental health (which is very directly depicted, so lots of trigger warnings here) than the romance. I love all the characters including the apparently haughty LI and the autistic BF. It's also so rare to see drag kings depicted anywhere, that's maybe already reason enough to read.


Stuff I (still didn't) watched

I'm here to say how excited I am for Uranus 2324. I can't believe we'll have a sapphic sci-fi movie or even just a sapphic movie that it's not hyper violent, horror or "comedy". Can't wait!


See you next month!


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